środa, 23 października 2013

No-brainer decompression

A while back, I become frustrated with a relatively simple thing: I want to extract just another downloaded zip/rar archive to get to its content and it is such a common and robotic task that I really do not want to think about it.

But I am required to every time.

Is the content just one folder? Or is it flat long list of some few hundred small files, or mix of both? What if it will make a mess when I extract it just as is, or maybe when I extract it to a new folder, then I will be left with single folder in folder tree to clean up? Let's guess, yet another time..

I really don't need to look at the contents before extracting, I just want to get the content the most convenient way...

7-Zip -> Just get me the content I need, in one folder

I created a small tool for myself, that does just that (for zip, rar, 7z, no password-protected archives).

Perhaps it will also suit someone else, so I uploaded it on bitbucket: Decompress