poniedziałek, 29 kwietnia 2013

About me

I am a passionate software developer interested in functional programming and writing high quality code. I was once fascinated by straightforwardness of C, the simplicity of Java, the convenience of C# and now the functional-ness of Scala. I've been doing some Android and Java web development, while slowly discovering functional and declarative concepts like dependency injection and reactive programming. Functional programming is now for me a much clearer way to express thoughts in code. On a wider picture, I am also somewhat interested in many ways of creation in the unlimited world of computing, including 3D real-time graphics, 3D animation and game design.

This is a blog mostly around programming and other things that interest me. The goal is also every post to be high quality - otherwise there is no point in this activity. Let's see where the blog can go from here... And the blog's name, Life Repo, short for Life Repository, is what seemed like a good concept for a software developer's blog. After all, blogging is like commiting parts of the life and thoughts in a readable, user-friendly form.